Ready? Let’s go!

At TRVL DRSS, we believe your clothing shouldn’t limit you. Better yet, your outfit should help you get the most out of your day, whatever your mood, activity or ambition.

It started with a question

We asked ourselves, what kind of wardrobe would help you lead an active life? And we designed a collection that answered that question. That means comfortable fits, timeless designs you can mix and match endlessly, and high-quality fabrics that don’t wrinkle, even after a busy day, a long night, or a lengthy ride in a suitcase.

Don’t tell anyone

Our secret? The unique fabrics we use. Offered in a range of weights and qualities, each fabric is wrinkle-free and has just enough stretch to move with your body. Exactly what you need for your active lifestyle. We find inspiration in sportswear, streetwear and casual classics. We create something special by combining elements and production methods from those styles with the unique properties of our TRVL DRSS fabrics.

You don't have to shout to make a statement

That is why TRVL DRSS pieces always have subtle details that make you stand out from the crowd. Special stitching, strategically placed pockets and menswear elements give your look an unexpected twist. Each item is designed to fall elegantly against your body, while complementing your side and back. Our collections are mainly produced in Europe, in workshops that uphold principles of patience and love for clothing, values that you see and feel in the quality of each garment.

You still have plenty to do

That is why with TRVL DRSS you don’t have to linger endlessly in front of your wardrobe. You can grab (and pack) everything, knowing that it fits well, matches perfectly, and is wearable 365 days a year. All our pieces can be easily combined or supplemented. In addition, they always match our previous collections. We move organically with fashion, but we don’t do trends. That is why our collections remain wearable after many years. We believe that slow fashion is the best way to make fashion sustainable, because style lasts longer.